Consign with Us & Make 65-70%

Why sell your items at Growing Like Weeds Children's Consignment Sale?

  • Earn more money than selling at consignment shops
  • Sell your items quickly
  • Safer than having strangers show up at your house to buy individual items
  • Less hassle than listing/selling/shipping items on ebay
  • Earn 65% of sales
  • Sell multiple items easily - up to 300 items per event!
  • You do not have to be present at the sale to sell your items. You tag them at home, drop them off to us, and we do the rest!

What can you sell?

We take almost all types of products for infants through pre-teens. Each consignor must have at least 30 items and at most 300 items.

  • Clothing and shoes (sizes newborn through Juniors)
  • Limit of 40 total clothing items in the 0-9 month sizes. per gender.
  • Toys, games and puzzles
  • Indoor and outdoor play equipment and ride-ons
  • Nursery/Baby items (monitors, diaper pails, diaper bags, bathtubs, etc.)
  • Baby Equipment (high chairs, swings, strollers, bouncy chairs, exersaucers, etc.)
  • Linens - crib linens and children's linens
  • Furniture - cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, dressers, beds, etc.
  • Books, DVDs (we accept DVDs for kids and for parents) & Music
  • Maternity Clothing (only 15 items per consignor accepted)

How do I become a consignor?

Click Here To Register

Why is there a registration fee?

Your registration fee helps cover the cost of the location rental, advertising, insurance, display racks, supplies, etc.

Who sets the prices?

Each consignor chooses how they want to price their items. We recommend pricing your items 30-50% of original retail. That being said, the lower you price your items, the better they will sell. You should think about what you would pay for the items if you were buying them.

At the sale, there is no negotiating the prices - the price on your tag is what it will be sold for. However, the last day of the sale is the 50% off sale day. It is up to you as the consignor to decide if you would like your items to be discounted on that day. When making your product tags online, you may choose which, if any, items you would like to be discounted. Discount days are big shopping days at the sale so we do recommend that you discount your items.

When do I bring my items to the sale?

Upon registering, you will also choose a drop-off appointment to bring your items to the sale. Drop-off is typically the 2-3 days before the sale starts. Drop-off should take you about 20 minutes. We will inspect all the items you bring to make sure there aren't any stains, rips, tears, and that all items are working.

What other consignor benefits are there?

As a consignor, you get to shop the private pre-sale!!!! The pre-sale is the day before the public sale - so you get first pick of the merchandise!

All consignors get to come to the pre-sale, however, if you volunteer, you get into the pre-sale even earlier!

What happens to unsold items?

You may pick up your items after the sale is ended. If you do not want to or are not able to pick up your items on the designated times, your items will be donated for you. You must decide to donate or not to donate each item when making your product tags online. GLW Consignment donates thousands of items to a charity at the end of the sale.


Growing Like Weeds is a semi-annual children's consignment sale. Our sale gives families the opportunity to shop and/or sell gently used childresn' clothing, furniture, toys, shoes, baby items, maternity clothes, high chairs, strollers, and MORE in excellent condition.


Howard Shopping Plaza (next to Big Lots)
2646 Bienville Blvd
Ocean Springs, Ms 39564